What Makes Us Different



The core competencies of your company are those that generate revenue and build growth, while ours are maintaining a clean and sanitized property. By outsourcing your cleaning services to us, you can focus on what’s most important: your employees and your clients, while we focus on making your property suitable for business.



Our employees are trained and constantly retrained in best practices using the BICS as our standard for operation, which has been inculcated as a culture in Diamond Sparkling Services. Regardless of which location we clean we maintain the same level of effectiveness and efficiency. Consistency is vital to our success!  

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In order to put our clients first, we tailor our services based upon each individual client’s needs. To help us achieve this, we have a staff of fully trained and experienced management, team leaders, and cleaning professionals, who are thorough and adaptable.



Diamond Sparkling Services offers services that are next to none. We take into cognisance the financial implications of our services without compromising on the quality of cleaning we bring to your facility. We do not cut corners to increase our profits.

Diamond Sparkling Services

Diamond sparkling services is a growth oriented and dynamic professional cleaning company specialized in the art of industrial, residential and environmental cleaning. We are committed to providing tailor made cleaning solutions to our respective clients to suit their needs.
We are capable of handling different kinds of facilities and meeting a wide range of cleaning needs. We provide world class cleaning solutions tailored to improve and enhance your business environment. Using cutting edge mechanised and environmental-friendly cleaning technologies, we are able to meet every single cleaning need of our target market.

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