Our Approach

Cleaning Service

At Diamond Sparkling, our services have been carefully designed to differentiate us from our competitors. We focus on achieving the best cleaning results using machines and technology.

Mechanized Cleaning

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Simply stated, the transition to mechanized cleaning results in decreased chemical consumption, increased worker productivity and reduced expenses on consumables, all the while raising customer satisfaction approval rating to nearly 99%.

Mechanized cleaning has many advantages leading to quality cleaning and efficiency; it also enables faster cleaning in a much better way compared to manual cleaning.

Cleaning Registration System

Online Application

We install digital systems to track all our cleaning processes. These systems provide us with real-time information about who is working at what location. Cleaners clock in and out. Managers have an overview and after an SMS alert they can take action if necessary. From the online dashboard, automatic reports can be generated and messages can be sent to employees. The online dashboard also gives insight into the work schedules and work planning.